Helen Thomas was right! The Jews should get the hell out of Palestine!
Famous Jews who changed their names
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Jan 3, 2012


The war in Iraq was instigated by neocons almost all of them Jewish. Click here to read more

GADDAFI GOT SADDAM-IZED. He was sacrificed for Jewry's "GREATER ISRAEL" just like SADAMM HUSEIN. Click here

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Read it again and again and again! The world is in the condition it finds itself today due to the seizure of Palestine by International Jewry and its demented plans for the rest of the Arab world and beyond. Click here

Rabbi Dov Lior: Gentile sperm leads to barbaric offspring. January 12, 2011
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef: Gentiles exist only to serve Jews. October 2010.
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef: gentiles exist only to serve the Jew.
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mark twain Mark Twain: His article titled 'Concerning the Jews' written in 1898 makes for a fascinating read. What has changed in all those 112 years since the article was written about 'The Jewish Question'? He also predicted a disaster if Jews were allowed to congregate in Palestine! This is a must read! Click here.

The Good Jews: They are the green snakes in the green grass. Watch out! Click here for a partial list.

Ashkenazi Jews are European, pictures don't lie.

From left to right: European Jew, Yemeni Arab Jew and Indian Jew. What could the three possibly have in common except for religion? Fact: Arab Jews had everything in common with their Arab brothers and sisters except for religion and nothing in common with the European Ashkenazi Jews except for religion! Fact is fact!

One is a European Jew and the other a black American Rabbis who happens to be the cousin of Obama's wife. Are they both equally 'Chosen'? Neither is 'Chosen' since both of them are converts to Judaism and neither has any lineage to the the Jews of the Middle East who are supposed to be 'Chosen'.

One is a European Ashkenazi Jew and the other an Arab Moroccan Jew. How hard is tell who is who? European Jews claim to be the descendants of the ancient Israelites is totally false. Both cannot be 'The Chosen people' at the same time. It is either the Arab Jew who is 'The Chosen' or the European Jew. Logic would indicate the Arab Jew to be 'The Chosen' and NOT the Ashkenazi Jew.

One is a European Ashkenazi Jew and the other a Moroccan Arab Jew. How hard is it to distinguish between the two? Is it possible both could claim to be chosen? Of course not! The Ashkenazi Jew is a convert to Judaism with zero lineage to the Jews of the Middle East. There is no biological relation, none whatsoever. But European Jews love to call themselves 'Israelites' because they hope that would elevate them to the status of 'Chosen'.

The picture on the wall is of a Palestinian and standing next to the picture a genuine European Jew. What a contrast! The European Jew has no lineage, no connection to the region of the Middle East except when the European Jews' Khazaric ancestors converted to Judaism in the 9th century. Conversion does not change the blood line or biologic make up. European Jews are European.

On the left is Amir Peretz who is a genuine Moroccan Jew and next to him is a picture of Saddam Hussein, another genuine person from the region. Peretz is an Arab Jew while Saddam is an Arab Muslim. Both of these men can trace their lineage to the region to time immemorial. Both are indeed Arabs and hence the same people. The European Jew is related to Amir Peretz only because the Khazars of Europe adopted the Jewish religion in the 9th century and started calling themselves 'Jews' and instead of Khazars.

Two Jews: One Moroccan Arab and the other Ethiopian Jew. Are they both 'Chosen'? Are they both descendants of the ancient 'Israelites'? Of course not! If that is the case, then the Chinese, the Hutu, the Eskimo are also 'the Chosen people'. Only the Arab Jew can trace his ancestry to the region of the Middle East. Pictures do not lie. Look at them!

On the left is a genuine European Jew and on the left a genuine Yemeni Jew. Are they related? Of course not! Pictures do not lie! The European Jew is a descendant of a European people who used to be called 'Khazas' and after converting to Judaism in the 9th century adopted the name of 'Jews' and dropped the name of 'Khazars'. But pictures do not lie! The chances of the European Jew tracing his ancesstry to Palestine is nill, nada! Impossible!

This is a genuine European Jew. She does look in the mirror and the one staring back at her is the image of none other than of a Genuine European Jew. But she does not want to believe her own eyes. She insists that she is the 'Chosen' and her ancestry is Palestine! Is it possible? No, it is impossible! Both the Arab Jews and the Euro-Jews cannot claim to be the same 'Chosen' people. They are two different distinguishable people. It is either the Arab Jews or the Euro Jews and the compass of logic would point towards the Arab Jews as 'The Chosen' people spoken in the Bible.

TTwo Jews: One back and one white; one European and the other African! Are they both the same people? It would verge on insanity for anyone to claim that both these men originate from Palestine. Like all converts of religion of the world, they are both converts, and neither can trace ancestry to Palestine. Impossible. It is akin to a Nigerian claiming ancestry to Sweden. It is totally insanity and European Jews' attempt to claim ancestry to Palestine is totally baseless.a

The woman on the left is Livni who spent a great deal of her speech at the UN in 2007 affirming and confirming that she is the 'Chosen', an 'Israelite'. The picture on the left is of the original and genuine Arab Jew, and she is a Yemeni Jew. Is there any resemblance between the European convert and the original Jew? Of course not! European Jews are converts and their ancestry can only be traced to Europe and never to Palestine. Pictures do not lie!

The word 'Allah' is displayed on the window of a Yemeni Jewish home. Arab Jews as well as Arab Christians and Arab Muslims refer to God as 'Allah' and they still. There is disinformation that the word 'Allah' is only used by Muslims. Not so. Arab Jews did speak Arabic as Iranian Jews speak Farsi. It is the European Jews who stole a Middle Eastern language of Hebrew and pretend that Hebrew is the language of their ancestors. No. Their ancestors being Khazars could not even have been aware of the language 'Hebrew' let alone speak it from thousands of miles away in Khazaric Europe.

Two Jews: One European and the other Middle Eastern. How hard is it to distinguish which one is European and which one is an Arab Jew? It is extremely easy. For the European Jew to claim ancestry to Palestine is no different from a Chinese Muslim claiming ancestry to Saudi Arabia because of conversion to Islam. But the Chinese never do! European Jewry's claim to Palestine is insane!a

The European Jews do look as alien on Palestinian soil as the Italians did on Ethiopian soil. What the Euro-Jew in Palestine and the Italian in Ethiopia have in common is that both are a colonizing European people.

How hard is it to tell that those in uniform are a white European people [Ashkenazi Jews] and the one being blindfolded is the indigenous person of the land? Call a spade a spade. European Jewry on Arab soil has no other purpose being there except as a European Colonizing people. Just because they have decided to call themselves 'Israelites' does not mean anything since the chances of European Jewry tracing its roots to Palestine are nil. Impossible! They are a European people from what used to be known as Khazaria.

An Ethiopian Jew who would be considered a refugee in most Arab countries is very belligerent when given a weapon by the European Ashkenazi Jewry to terrorize the indigenous Palestinians. The Ethiopian Jew is trespassing on Arab soil, but thanks to the power of world Jewry, he is chocking a Palestinian in this picture.

All it takes is a glance of one second to determine that the man is a European Jew. He is on someone else's land, but you cannot tell that from his arrogance on his face ordering the Palestinian Arabs to shut up! This Euro Jew derives his power from the American taxpayer whose taxes find it way raining on the Euro-Jews in Palestine like a downpour.

This Palestinian woman is at the mercy of the merciless European Ashkenazi Jews who came o steal her land. All the Arab regimes without exception seem to be terrified of the Euro-Jews in Palestine. There is no force on earth than could intervene on behalf of this Palestinian woman who is being dispossessed to make more room for more Euro-Jewry.

The Palestinian man can only watch as Euro-Jewry destroys his house and takes it away to make more room for more Euro-Jewry. 'Do unto others' does not apply when Jews commit heinous crimes against the Palestinian people. There is no one this Palestinian man can turn to for justice, because even the Arab rulers are turning the other way letting Euro-Jewry get away with their bestiality.

How brave are these Euro-Jews? The Palestinian people have lived in terror and fear ever since the stampede of Euro-Jewry to Palestine begun over a century ago!

The Euro-Jews in uniform are terrorizing entire Palestinian communities. In this picture, they have a Palestinian man wrestled to the floor. The Palestinian attempts to make an honest living selling onions and potatoes but he is nonetheless terrorized by Euro-Jewry.

These terrorizing Euro-Jews are the same Euro-Jews who have been kicked out of at least 80 countries. The Palestinian are unable to kick them out as well due to their horrific crimes and bestiality committed upon the Palestinian because Euro-Jewry had been planning the stampede to Palestine for decades before the stampede begun and had prepared their arsenal well in advance.

The well-developed muscles are that of an Ethiopian Jew. Euro-Jews spent two decades trotting the globe looking for blue-eyed and blond kind of Jews. But they refused to allow any black to Jews to their stolen Palestine. The airlift of Ethiopian Jews happened two decades later only because the Ethiopian Jews had caused embarrassment to Euro-Jews when they demonstrated in large numbers at the Euro-Jews embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Reveral of roles! It aught to have been the Euro-Jews as refugees in Palestine showing their identity cards to the real owners of the land, the Palestinian people. But here the roles had been reversed! It is the indegnious Palestinian people who are required to show ID's to aliens on their land, the Euro-Jews!

The Palestinian kid has every reason to be terrified. The colonizers of his land in the form of Euro-Jewry happens to be the most lethal, the most barbaric, the most bestial and the most ruthless of any former colonizers the world had ever witnessed! If the Germans did wrong to Euro-Jewry, why are the Palestinians paying the price?

What right does this Euro-Jew believe he has on Arab soil? Aha! He does say he is the genuine 'Chosen' 'Israelite', right? But does he not look in the mirror and notice that the person staring back at him is a European with zero resemblance to the people of the Middle East but all resemblance to European?

This is a picture of Jews in Palestine showing excitement when Euro-Jewry's rain of hell was falling down from the sky on the people of Gaza. 94% of Jews in Palestine expressed their approval of the carnage in Gaza. These are the same people who cry day and night reminding the people what the Germans did to German Jewry! It is not without cause that these very same people were kicked out of 80 countries. Jews do acknowledge that fact, but they insist that it was without cause! They were kicked out for being nice and kind Euro-Jews who were simply minding their business when the ire of the European people was ignited! If you believe that, then you have my smypathy for your total lack of understanding when fabricated lies are told to you!

Is there anyone who would say that this person's origin is that of Palestine? Look into his sunglasses, you can also tell the man reflected on his glasses to be of European origin. Why has the whole world gone blind?

European Ashkenazi Jewry's claim to be from Palestine is beyond silly. Look at him! Unless one is blind, this man is European.

It is mind boggling how an entire race of people, the European Ashkenazi Jews could claim to be from the Arab region! Look at him, look at the man reflected in his mirror. Why would anyone has the notion that these people are anything but European. Chinese don't claim to be from Palestine, why then these Ashkenazi Jews?

What are the chances that this European Ashkenazi Jew could have any claim to Palestine? Nil!

This rabbi is known to be an anti-Zionist Jew. But his ultimate goal is to 'return' to Palestine. 'Return'? Nigerians would be laughed at if they had that claim, but people around the world are not laughing when these European Ashkenazi Jews have a similar absurd claim.

This is one of the European Jews captured by Hizbullah. What part of this man says he has any lineage to the Arab region. Pictures don't lie.

This is a picture of the man above when he was a child. But that is what the ADL has posted on their website. I guess the aim was to make the gullible people believe that Hizbullah kidnapped a child? Forever seeking smypathy?

Goodness Gracious! Never in the history of the planet have people who look liked her lived in the Arab region nor in Africa, unless after colonizaton of those lands. But this Jewish woman would look you in the eye and declare that she 'is coming home'

How hard is it to tell that except for this victim in this picture, all the men are European Ashkenazi Jews with zero lineage to the Middle East. But somehow they seem to believe otherwise or maybe they want to believe it to make the theft of Palestine not so shaming.

Here is a very arrogant European Ashkenazi Jew telling the people on whose land he is preying to shut up. But look at him. Everything about him is European. Look at him.

How out of place would this man be in Russia or London or Paris? He would fit in because he is a European with all European features.

Pink as a pink rose, i.e. as a European. You have got eyes, but can you see?

Why would the notion even enter your mind that this man's origin could be from the Arab region. How on earth?

Pink as a pink rose. Why has the whole world gone crazy and instead of trusting their own vision have been led to be believe otherwise.

There were no people who looked liks this Ashkebazi Jew that lived in the Middle East or Africa or Asia, unless as colonzers. But this Jew would have no shame in telling you he 'is coming home back to Palestine'.

What a contrast. Here we have two pictures of the indegnious people of the land and the European Ashkenazi Jew does look out of place.

The two Jews who have blindfolded the indegenious Palestinian look very European. No other European colonizer ever said their origin was from the colonized placed except for European Ashkenazi Jews. They may have been brainwashed into believing such nonsense, but what when they look in the mirror?

Pink as a pink rose, i.e. as a European. You have got eyes, but can you see?

Here is a contrast between a European Ashkenazi Jews. You have got eyes,can you tell? Of course you can!

These are a European people and the only thing you need is only your eyes.

These are a European people and the only thing you need is only your eyes.

What are the chances that any of these men could have their origin from the Palestine. Zero! You have got eyes, and you can tell where these people are from.

The Palestinian woman in the bus is light skinned, but how hard is it to tell the man gesturing is pure European. You have got eys, you can tell who is who.

What a contrast. The invaders of Palestine are pure European. You have got eyes, you know who is who, why engage in such deception?

Any of these look to you like Middle Eastern? Then you need to have your eyes examined.

How on earth could a man like this one even dream of thinking the most absurd notion that he may have lineage to Palestine. What about to Japan, Nigeria? These Jews claim is so aburd it is mind boggling.

Anyone would venture to say that this man has any roots to the Arab region? How on earth can such absurd claim goes unchallenged?

The three Jews stuggling with the indegeniious people are of European origin, you can tell with your eyes. A Japanese or Chinese or Nigerian would be laughed off with such an absurd claim, but the European Jews seem to get away with it.

This man is not an Ashkenazi Jew. He is an "Oriental Jew' or 'Sephardic Jew" also known as 'Arab Jew'.His origin is Morocco and sure enough he resembles the people of the region.

This man is a Jew, but an Iraqi Jew who now has the title of 'Israeli'. Well, of course, he resmbles the people of the regiion and not his European cooreligionists. Religion does not change ethnicity.

This man looks like any European and zero resemblance to any one Middle Eastern, be it Middle Eastern Muslim, Christian or Jew. What would it take for these people to just accept who they are?

These two Ashkenazi European Jews look like they are out of place in the Middle East, but they would fit right in in the Europe, because they are of European origin. It is shaming to one's own ancesstry to totally deny it.

Face to face. The European looks European and the indegenious looks indegenious. What is so complicated about it?

It is really unfortunate that this European Jewish woman would have no shame in claiming Palestine to be her ancesstral homeland. What about the mirror?

If any one went looking for Middle Eastren kind of people, they would defnitely have to skip over this one. But this one has the faulty notition that somehow, her lineage originate from the area.

It is mass madness to watch Ashkenazi Jews in unison claim to be what they are not. It is really unfortunate. Once a people have no value for their very own origin, then they cease to be a dignified people.

Face to face. The European looks European and the indegenious looks indegenious. What is so complicated about it?

You have got eyes, can you tell if this man has any lineage to the Middle East? Of course not!

Any possibility that any of these men could have claim to ancessry in Palestine? The only answer is 'nil'.

Any of these men have any resemblance to anyone who has lived in the region for thousands of years? The only answer is 'no.

Of course you can tell that the man is of European origin, distinct and apart from the people of the reion. Of course, you can!

The man looks as European as it gets, and he is on the child's soil harrasing the indegenious child

This looks like a nice looking lady, but 100% European. You have got eyes and you sure can tell the differnce between the European people and the people of the Middle East. Why the insanity?

Here is Olmert, and of course, he would rather die than to claim ancesstry to Europe, he would rather that someone come and shoot him in the head rather than admit to being of European origin. But look at him, you have got eyes, you can ses.

Here is a Ugandan Jew, but I doubt it very much that they claim to be from the Arab region. By the way, people would laugh if he did, but noone is laughing at the European Jews who claim the same absurd notion.

Here is another Ugandan Jew. By the way, all African Jews are unwanted by Euroopean Jews. The Ethiopian were airlifted two decsades later after European Jews started going to Palestine, and ony due to embarrasement when they created headlines news when they demonstrated.

Here is a Yemeni Jew, the original Jews of the Middle East. Today, 90% of all world Jewry is of European origin.

Here is another Yemeni Jew. They do resemble their Arab brothers than they do their European cocoreligionists, because religion does not change one's ethnic make up. Somehow the European Ashkenazi Jews have latch on to this silly notion and would not let go.

The Palestinian man is surrounded by people who do not look like him, but who look 100% European. When will everyone come to the realization that Palestine was colonized by a European people. Please study each man on the picture, and you can only reach the conclusion that they are all European except for the Palestinian man.

The Ashkenazi Jews: Anglo Jewry now makes up 90% of world Jewry. But there is no other group of people on the planet who totally deny their true identity and origins. European Jewry in its entirety totally denies its own European origin. It is interesting to notice that the European Ashkenazi Jewry would refer to non-Anglo Jews as 'Iranian Jews', 'Yemeni Jews', 'Egyptian Jews', 'Moroccan Jews', 'Algerian Jews'. But it almost never is the case that the European Jew is identified with an adjective such as 'European Jew' or 'Ashkenazi Jew' or 'Khazaric Jew'. They are simply referred to as 'Jews' and that is deliberately done to hide their European origins and to shift that origin to Palestine. It is so shaming! It is in fact shameful for a people to totally disown its own roots, its own heritages, and its own customs and steal someone else's. And only Euro-Jewry does and no other people on Earth. The Zulu is proud to be a Zulu and so is the Eskimo and the Yemeni and the Nigerian. The only group who exhibits shame in disclosing their true origins is the European Ashkenazi Jewry! There can never be peace on earth until the Ashkenazi Khazaric people understand that they did not bust out of rocks but out of a region in Europe that used to be called 'Khazaria'. Once they accept their identity, they may then begin to reactivate their dead language of Khazaria the same way they resuscitated a Middle Eastern language of Hebrew and stole it by claiming it to be their ancestral language, the same claim as when they stole Palestine. Conversion to a religion does not also convert once biologic makeup or ancestral heritage. Euro-Jewry's heritage is that of Khazaria!

For a complete understanding of who the Ashkenazi Jews are, click here.

Stop the Deception. European Jews are European as Arab Jews are Arab, as African Jews are African, as Iranian Jews are Iranian. Click here to learn how to stop European Jewry's deception to pass for 'Israelite'. If anybody can claim to be 'Israelite' it can only be the original Jews of the Middle East, the Arab Jews.

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