My Response to being accused of being
'a holocaust denier'

My email of yesterday that prompted the reaction was:

Lots of picture for you to look at, a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. A people who would not cease to tell us about their 60-year old holocaust never would think twice about savagely terrorizing the Palestinian community who happen to be totally innocent in whatever took place between the Germans and the European Ashkenazi Jews. I am asking you to please pass the pictures to your email list; the pictures look nice and orderly, but it takes me a lot of time to get them organized that way.

  • B wrote: "Whatever took place between the Germans and the European Ashkenazi Jews"? You actually expect people to take you seriously when you deny the Holocaust? Stop bringing down the anti-zionist movement with your racist hatred, whoever you are.

    Dear B:

    I like your sense of indignation due to what your perceived to be a denial of the 'Holocaust'. That word 'holocaust' should refer to all human beings who perished for having done nothing to deserve death; in that number should be included the millions of Iraqis who perished to make the Arab region a safer place for European Ashkenazi Jews. 'Holocaust' should refer to the millions of Congolese and other African people who perished under European colonialism. It should refer to the Native Americans who vanished from the planet to make room for white Europeans. It should refer to millions of Africans who perished during slavery. Why do we have an exclusive word 'holocaust' reserved for the 'Chosen People'? And why must the Palestinians pay so dearly for the 'Jewish Holocaust'? Why didn't the Europeans find a European solution for the 'Jewish question'? Why were people of color made to pay a heavy price for something that they had nothing to do with? Why were the European Jews contemplating stealing either Uganda (actually present day Kenya) or Palestine or Argentina or Cyprus? What do the residents of these countries have to do with European Jews or European Anglos? Call a spade a spade; European Ashkenazi Jews will remain in Palestine as long as they have their guns pointed at the jugular of the Palestinians. No people like to be subjugated by an alien people no matter where those alien people come from.

    The Palestinians are not the only people who are and would continue to pay a heavy price for Zionism. Iraq is a perfect example that paid the ultimate price for its solidarity with the Palestinians. Any Arab leader who would have the courage to speak up on behalf of the tormented Arabs would be dealt with just as mighty a blow as Saddam did. Lest we forget: Saddam paid a heavy price for his solidarity with the Palestiians! Remember: (a) no WMD found in Iraq (b) no al-Qaeda, (c) no 911-hijackers (supposed hijackers) came from Iraq, (d) Saddam was a Secular leader and opposed to Islamists. Why was the Saddam regime decimated? It ultimately boils down to Palestine and the expansionist agendas of the Jews who now call Palestine home. The fact that Iraq was decimated to make Ashkenazi Jews feel safe on a land that they stole is indisputable. Please see links at the bottom of the page. Lets not shy away from calling a spade a spade? These Ashkenazi Jews rule over Palestine with the same superiority and arrogance as those of the other colonizers of Arabs. I could feel this page with quotes spoken by the leaders of the Zionist as to what they thought of the colonized Palestinians. Europe's Ashkenazi Jewry stampeded to Palestine while time was of the essence, before the English colonizers handed the land back to the indigenous people as they did in Africa and Asia.

    The Arabs are a very proud people and they don't like to be spat on by a people who claim to be victims but turned out to be such bestial and lethal victimizers. If these horrible tormentors of Palestine were any other group besides 'the Chosen people', I do believe even you -B- would find your voice to be very critical of such bestiality.

    I have no illusions that the Ashkenazi Jews like the other colonizers of Arabs would pack up and go home back to Europe. They will remain there as long as they have their lethal weapons pointed at the jugular of the Palestinians. But I must face and accept realty and hope that peace could prevail on that land. But it never will, the Palestinians - including Hamas - do understand that not only are the Ashkenazi Jews In Palestine armed to decimate the entire Arab people, but they also have 'bought' the backing of the most powerful nation on earth. With that realty and reluctantly, the Palestinians would like to get along with their former tormentors and aim for living in peace. But peace will remain illusive for that region, because what the Ashkenazi Jews came to grab was not only Palestine, but also 'Greater Israel'

    1. This document will leave no doubt in your mind that Iraq was decimiated to make Jews in Palestine feel safe.
    2. This document - like no other - enraged me and prompted me towards activism.
    3. The Ravaging of Africa: a four-part audio series. It is mesmerizing and also enlightening. Please take the time to listen to all 4 of them.

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