My Response to the accusation
of being a 'Holocaust Denier' - Part 2

B responded to my response to the accusation of being a 'holocaust denier' and he seemed to like the content of my reply. He came across as someone who was likable with a generous soul. That is a perfect example of how people with different views on political or other matters could agree to disagree but still remain civil toward one another. I doubt very much that 'B' is going to like what I am about to say in regards to the much-hooted Holocaust of the Jews.

First I will let you read B's response and my rebuttal will follow. What brings me back again to revisit the subject of the holocaust was a statement in B's response.

I read your response and I agree with nearly all of it. Most of your statement is very sensible. I just don't understand why you need to be so dismissive of what European Jews suffered. I worked on PRCS ambulances as an EMT in 2002 during some of the worst fighting. I saw the horrors of the occupation. I worked in Jenin and Hebron. I get it. But it doesn't really compare to what the Nazis did to the Jews, no matter how you try to distort it.

You write "Why didn't the Europeans find a European solution for the 'Jewish question'?" THEY DID! It was the Holocaust. How can you be so cold? Why not phrase it as "the problem of how to protect Jews from persecution, or compensate them, etc."? It should have been dealt with differently. No shit. But that doesn't mean we should now be dismissive of the horrific, mass-scale suffering they (and others) underwent at the hands of the Nazis.

Also, I get that there have been many holocausts. I really do. That has nothing to do with the fact that you are trying to downplay one very big one, for whatever reason. It doesn't help your argument -- only hurts it.



P.S. You can feel free to use my whole name as long as you use all my words. I'm not hiding anything.

Dear B:

As I said to you last night, I do believe that you are a genuinely decent guy who cares about humanity. But from your response, I have no other avenues other than to reach the conclusion that you too are a victim of the Holocaust Industry's brainwashing. If you grew up in America, the Jews' Holocaust was drilled into the deepest layers of your psychic. You cannot escape it, day in and day out, the American public is reminded of the suffering of the Jews. 'Never again' are they going to forget their holocaust as they continue to holocaust the innocent Palestinians. When will the Palestinians get to say 'never again' to the very same people who would never stop lecturing others about how they were dealt with by the Germans? They can't. 'Never again' means you have developed enough muscles to flex it at your former tormentors. The Jews developed such muscles by their collusion with the major powers to collaborate on the colonization of the Palestinians by Europe's Jewry for mutual benefit of the Jews and the major powers. (Read Theodor Herzl's diary)

B: you said that I was "trying to downplay one very big one, for whatever reason.' My response is that one innocent person's death is one too many. How many Jews died during World War II? I don't know and that is the most honest answer that I can give you. I do understand that the expression, 'six million' is a constant reminder to garner sympathy for the Jews who have no sympathy for their colonized inferior people. You can easily do a survey, go to your neighborhood middle school or high school or just do the survey on the street. Ask people how many Jews died during world 2. Not a single American will miss to express it as 'six million'. Ask them to tell you the number of the Native Indians who perished. You will be met with a confused stare or they would simply tell you they have no clue. Ask them how many Africans died during the slave trade or during slavery, ask them about how many people from the Congo perished under the hands of Belgians. They may ask you a question in return: 'who are the people of the Congo'?

B: Jews do own the media. See footnote 1. One of the most repugnant creatures on the face of the earth, Bill O'reilly wrote in one of his books that he had been churning out to fatten his wallets that 'those who own the children own the future'. Wrong! Those who own the media own both the children and the future. As long as the media remains firmly clenched within the hands of Jewry, your great-great-great grand children will be drilled about the Jewish holocaust just as you were growing up.

B: Why do we have a Jewish Holocaust Museum in the United States? How does a nation (the US) that was built on the blood of the Native people has the chutzpah to condemn the Nazi Holocaust alone and not erect a similar Holocaust Museum for the Native Indians of the land? The only place the Jews' Holocaust Museum belongs is on German soil. How do you explain the Jews erecting their holocaust reminder in America? The only answer that I can come up with it that America is where the money is at. It is intended to overwhelm the American public with guilt about their 60-year old world war 2 so that when congress votes to send truckloads of the American tax payers' money to the Jews in Palestine, the American public has been sufficiently prepped to go along with the theft of their money. Where is the Museum for the Japanese that perished in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Such a museum on American soil would make perfect sense to me. After all, the Americans need to be reminded about hurling nuclear bombs on innocent people as being a bad thing, and if they feel guilty, it is the right kind of guilt.

Howard Zinn wrote an excellent article (see footnote 2) that I would encourage you to read. Zinn, a famous Jewish historian, but who has remained mum on the Palestinians' tragedy did in fact write a splendid article on the Jews' attempt to make their holocaust unique from other human tragedies. After all, the tragedy of "The Chosen People' should not be compared with that of average non-chosen gentiles.

  • Footnote [1] Do Jews own the media? Take a look.
  • Footnote [2] Howard Zinn's excellent article on the Jewish Holocaust.

  • B responds:

    I'll give this a closer look later tonight or in the morning, but my initial response is that you are almost certainly insane. "The Jews"? Seriously? My partner is a Jew who risked her life to save Palestinian lives in the West Bank. I've witnessed many other such cases. Your insistence on painting all Jews with the same brush is simply sickening -- it's exactly the kind of mentality that leads to horrific things.

    And I'm sorry, as strong as my solidarity is with the Palestinians, I guess my "brainwashing" (I'd love to go head to head with you on the topic of world history, BTW) has prevailed: the terrible, reprehensible, completely inexcusable things the Jewish state of Israel is doing to Palestinians doesn't come close to even the tamest version of what the Nazis did in the holocaust -- and I mean their own, admitted version of what they did, setting aside the truth for a moment. So even if you take them at their words, the Nazis accomplished more in exterminating the Jews than the Zionists have even dreamed of.

    Again, I've been there. I've seen it. I know the truth. Go look for yourself. Hebron looks like Warsaw, but I assure you it is NOT Warsaw...


    My response to B:

    B: You seem to have a problem with my use of the expression: 'The Jews'. Yes, B, I will say it again, 'The Jews'. I am sick and tired of the likes of you attempting to force people to say 'Zionist' or 'Israeli', a nice shield for "The Jews". Most Americans have no clue what 'Zionist' is, so nice try. How long does it take for a member of World Jewry to metamorph from ordiarny 'Jew' to the most cherished word: 'Israeli'? Isn't it as long as the flight takes from place of departure to arrival on the stolen Jews' state? Don't we say 'the Germans' did this and did that? But we can't say, 'The Jews'?

    B: a Palestinian activist was once asked what she thought of the anti-Zionist Jews. She replied that they were all wonderful, and then she added all fifteen of them. I am in agreement with her. The true anti-Zionist Jews are few and far between. What did I just say in regards to Howard Zinn, a progressive Jew? For decades, the famous historian was silent on the Palestinian issue until very recently. In fact, not too long ago, he was on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now program and he said that America should stop lying to its own people and start telling them the truth - that the war on Iraq was about nothing else but about Oil. You see how the Jew Historian attempted to shield away his tribal people from accountability, while the evidence that the Iraq war was to make the Jews in Palestine safer from an Arab country (Iraq) that was developing technologically and that did not appreciate the encroachment of Europe's Jewry on its soil, did not appreciate the Arabs having to pay the ultimate price for whatever happened between two European peoples?

    Go to Noam Chomsky's website and search for the word 'Israel'. It is hardly there, and the two or three instances of the word are accompanied by remarks that the main culprit is not Israel (his tribal people) but America for supplying the weapons to his tribal people. Can you imagine a bank robber using Chomsky's logic and say that he should not be held responsible for shooting the bank teller while robbing; that the one that should be held responsible is the one who gave him the gun? Chomsky was for sanctions and boycott against the South African regime, but not against his own people in Palestine. Norman Finkelstein who had been attempting to pass for a non-Zionist is finally given away by his own Zionist emotions. He is famous for writing 'The Holocaust Industry' where he indeed did a great job of exposing those Jewish groups who had been milking the American government and the Europeans - Finkelstein calls the scheme - 'shakedown'. But Finkelstein in recent times has been using his fame as the author of 'The Holocaust Industry' to peddle the Holocaust. He was on Arab soil in recent times lecturing the Arabs that they should accept the fact that between five to six million Jews died during the Holocaust. Finkelstein also goes to Germany and attempts to shame the new generation of Germans for what was done to his people. Finkelstein (I will admit that he is more fair than most) should also learn to apologize to the Arabs for what was done to them by his people and stop lecturing them on his holocaust for which they (the Arabs) have suffered the most and there is no end in sight to the tragedy of the Arabs due to the arrival of Europe's Jewry on their soil.

    As far as knowledge of history, I concede to you that I am not that knowledgeable.

    By the way B: I have a link on the top of my home page titled: 'who is who'. It attempts to pay tribute to those deserving and also exposes those that deserve it. Guess what? A large number of the people listed on the positive side are 'Jews'. Food for thought!

    I think I have said most of what I felt I needed to say. As I predicted, B did not like what I had to say, no surprises here. I certainly wish B well - and this will be the last email B will receive from me.

    Jewish Power by Paul Eisen. I tend to agree with what is written in this article in its entirety. Click here to retrieve the article.