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Hugo Chavez. 1954-2013
Favorite Quotes
nasser"I could not sleep that night and spent it thinking of those who were around me and those who were far away in the trenches. I thought about war itself. I felt from the depths of my heart that I hated war. Not only this particular war in which we were engaged, but the idea of war itself. I felt that humanity does not deserve the honor of life if it does not strive with all its heart in the cause of peace." Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt. This quote is from his unfinished memoirs published at the Journal of Palestine Studies.
"The government of the United States is not the champion of freedom, but rather the perpetrator of exploitation and oppression against the peoples of the world and against a large part of its own population." Che Guevara spoken December 11, 1964, at the 19th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York.
"Did the Zionists have the legal or moral right to invade Arab Palestine, uproot its Arab citizens from their homes and seize all Arab property for themselves just based on the "religious" claim that their forefathers lived there thousands of years ago? Only a thousand years ago the Moors lived in Spain. Would this give the Moors of today the legal and moral right to invade the Iberian Peninsula, drive out its Spanish citizens, and then set up a new Moroccan nation ... where Spain used to be, as the European zionists have done to our Arab brothers and sisters in Palestine? In short the Zionist argument to justify Israel's present occupation of Arab Palestine has no intelligent or legal basis in history ... not even in their own religion. Where is their Messiah?" Malcolm X
[1] What is the foundation of the Jew in our world? Practical necessity, private advantage. [2] What is the object of the Jew's worship in this world? Usury. [3] What is his worldly God? Money. Very well then: emancipation from usury and money, that is, from practical, real Judaism, would constitute the emancipation of our time. Source: A World Without Jews by Karl Marx
Note: Karl Marx was himself an Ashkenazi Jew

the neocons
The neocons: A small group of 25 or 30 neoconservatives, almost all of them Jewish started the Iraq war. Click here to read more

WHOSE WAR? Click here to learn about who designed and carried out 911 and who benefited

All 251,287 diplomatic cables can now be searched at this link

All 251,287 diplomatic cables can now be found at this link

Download the entire diplomatic wikileaks cables

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